Forget about the old method you know that teach english. In El-Englizi, you improve your english OUT of the classroom - in the real world.

We didnt learn to speak Arabic inside the classroom. We know to speak Arabic years before we started school. So why people think that attending in classes will make them English speakers?
Here in El-Englizi we go back to the times when Language learning wasnt teached in Schools, buy in day to day experience in the real world. When you open your phone, watching TV, reading the news, hearing a song or learning a new thing in the internet.

English can be Everywhere if you let it in – and when you have English around you everyday, you exercise for hours without even paying attention. El-englizi is a digital premium system that guide you, day after day and show you many unique methods that if you will keep doing them everyday, your English will improve in ways that you will never imagined in 2 to 3 months.

For those who need a personal mentoring by English professionals, We offer our VIP subscription that will give you all the personal support you need to guide you personally and put you on track on your way to a better English. Our method is based on the “House Model” developed by us.

1- Learn how to learn – In order to learn anything, We need to have a good learning tools. Memory improvement, organization, Being able to ,emtaly pass hard times or lack of motivation. In El-Englizi, We help you get a better learning and mental tools to be able to create a change effectively.

Exposure to the English language – before we learned to speak Arabic, we got exposed to it everywhere. We heard our parents and family talking in Arabic. We heard arabic in the street, in songs. only after a proper exposure we tried to speak. thats how language learning works! In El-Englizi. We teach you how to add english to your life so it will be all around you. when this is happening, the improvemnt is happening.

Vocabulary – In El-Englizi we understood that you dont need to know all the words in English to be able to communicate. The opposite is true! There are more then 200,000 words in English, But if you will know only the 1000 most important words, that will allow you to communicate like never before.

Just speak! – In order to be able to speak English, we need to have conversations in English!  In order to know how to drive a car, its not enough to watch your parents drive, or to learn theoretical driving. If you will not sit infront of the wheel and start driving, you will not know how to drive! and thats the same in English! So we, In El-Englilzi, give you many options to be able to practice real life converations in English from you personal computer. Thats how you will have a real change in your English by being able to have conversations every day.

Want to hear more about our training that will help you to speak English with confident in 2-3 months?